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Contents - Factoids:

   The three-legs of Mann.
   Castle Montacute.
   The invention of the Sandwich.

Contents - Vignettes and Short Notes:

   Montagu/es and the Crusades, a long story.

   Montagu/es in the March of Wales, 1330-1354.

   The Founding of the Order of the Garter.

   Cicero, the Roman Rebublic, gentry culture, and Montagues studying Latin.

   Northamptonshire, the Montagus, the Spencers, and The Parliament of 1624.

   Montagues, Cromwell, the Long Parliament, and English Civil War.

   Montagues in Jamestown and the Virginia Company.

   The excitement of the founding of modern science.

   Lady Mary falls in love.

   The Monks of Medmenham, a.k.a., The Hell Fire Club.

   Politics leading to the American revolution.

   Soldiers of the American Revolution.

   U.S. Civil War Soldiers.

   Disenchantment and war.

   Derivation of the name Montague in Ireland.

   The Great George Washington Grandma Mystery!

Miscellania, and one of these days...

Costumes and Photographs from 1897.
Ships. This is an attempt to elicit information regarding ships named with variations of Montagu/e.
Nouns. Miscellania named using Montagu/e.
A Montagu/e-centric history time-line; by years and centuries.

Feudal Ranks, and how to remember them.
Medieval English Women.
U.S. Passenger and Immigration Lists.

The Cast of Characters.
Books Needed!
Open Questions - know any Answers?

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