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George Montagu, 1737-1788

Fourth Duke of Manchester. Advocate of American colonists.

Ensign's commission, 1757; parliament for Huntingdonshire (Whig party), 1761; lord of the bedchamber, 1763; leader of the Whigs (the opposition party) in House of Lords (was he in both Houses at the same time?); apparently tried to reform manner in which debates were conducted and House of Lords and Commons interacted, 1770;

Sided with the colonists throughout the war of independence:

`convinced that the northern governments of America do call loudly for reformation.' , 1774;

Strongly condemned restraining the trade of the New England colonies, against treating the southern colonies more favorably then the north, read a memorial from the New York assembly in the House of Lords, 1775; he stated:

`that the bringing into any part of the dominions of the crown of Great Britain the electoral troops of his majesty or any other foreign power is dangerous and unconstitutional.' , 1775;

Made motion to suspend hostilities with the colonists, 1776; believed that the Americans dreaded being forced into independence, but were already a powerful nation, 1776; declared that incompetence of ministers had produced:

`the melancholy dilemma of not being in a state to make peace or to prosecute war.' , 1777;

Supported a motion to request the king to withdraw from America, 1777; noted that Ireland would likely follow America's example and that disagreements over power between the king and parliament might end in civil war, 1779;

Lord chamberlain, 1782; privy councillor, 1783; ambassador to France to craft peace treaty, 1783.


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